Lifestyle Value Fee

A Comprehensive Lifestyle Benefit

While some refer to it as the cost of living, we at Paradise Homes Park prefer to call it lifestyle value. With a single, affordable monthly payment, you gain access to exclusive amenities and activities reserved for our residents.

Benefits of Lifestyle Value Fee

Maximize Experiences. Minimize Costs.

With a single, budget-friendly monthly payment, you can reside in your very own private home while relishing the company of fellow individuals who value living life over maintaining things. Imagine the exciting new adventures you could embark on with the savings you’ll accumulate!



Experience a comprehensive lifestyle within your community, featuring exclusive privileges for private amenities and events. Enjoy access to group activities, a fully equipped clubhouse, dog-friendly parks, scenic green spaces, and beyond. All meticulously managed and upheld for your convenience, covered seamlessly in your monthly Lifestyle Fee.

Predictable Monthly Costs.

Your time is precious, and you deserve to focus on what truly matters. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple bills—we consolidate everything into a single, cost-effective monthly fee.

Less Maintenance. More Life.

Let us handle the outdoor maintenance for you. We’ll look after both your front and back yards, as well as maintain all communal spaces and community landscaping, so you can fully embrace a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

Lifestyle Value Fee Breakdown:

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