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Paradise Homes Park is a type of residential community where individuals or families can rent or own a lot and mobile homes. We provide our residents with a comfortable and affordable housing option. Paradise Homes Park is equipped with top-of-the-line infrastructure, including reliable water, sewer, and electricity connections, as well as paved roads to make navigation easy. We take pride in offering a variety of mobile home and lot sizes, ensuring that you will find that perfect spot to call home.

As a homeowner in Paradise Homes Park, you will own a beautiful mobile home which will make you a part of a vibrant community of proud homeowners, who take great care of their homes. Our homes are built with top-quality construction materials, which require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Most importantly, owning a home in our premier community is a valuable investment that is expected to increase in value over time.

At our mobile homes park, we are committed to providing our residents with top-quality homes at an affordable price. To achieve this, we use factory-built homes, which allows us to construct homes at a lower cost than traditional on-site construction. By partnering with reliable factories, we can take advantage of lower labor and material costs, ultimately passing on those savings to our residents. This approach ensures that our residents get the best overall value for their investment in a home at Paradise Homes Park.

Our homes are built with thoughtful features to ensure comfort during all four seasons. We offer move-in ready mobile homes that include modern floorplans, contemporary kitchens, and recessed lighting. 

Homes range in size from 950 to 1,550 square, with 2- and 3-bedroom options. Lots in the community range from 2,400 to 3,600 square feet.

Please contact or dial 256-279-7765 and a member of our team will set up a time for you to tour our model homes, review our floor plans and available lots, and reserve the perfect home for you.

We work closely with several lenders who specialize in financing factory-built homes. When you submit your request to reserve a specific home on a specific lot, we will forward your application to multiple lenders in order to see which lender offers you the most competitive terms. You are also welcomed to work with any outside lender of your choice.

We expect to have our first homeowners move into the park in the spring or summer of 2023.

We anticipate that the community will be fully occupied by the summer of 2024 but based on demand the community could be fully occupied much sooner than that.

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